AC3000 - Accounting - NCEA Level 3 (course endorsement available)

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What is Accounting?

Accounting is fundamental for business and for everyday life. Ākonga gain financial literacy and the tools to make real-life financial decisions in a changing and uncertain world. One of the vital skills ākonga learn is how to prepare and communicate financial information to a wide range of people. Further study can lead to a career in accounting in many diverse businesses worldwide. With a business or commerce degree, you can keep your options wide open.

What this course involves

Ākonga develop knowledge from previous levels within the context of companies and partnerships. Ākonga gain knowledge, skills and experience in using management for effective decision making. Ākonga report, analyse and interpret information for partnerships, manufacturing businesses and companies. Accounting NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship prepares ākonga for tertiary education. New Zealand Scholarship exams are designed to extend very high-achieving Level 3 ākonga. Those who wish to enter the New Zealand Scholarship exam in this subject must discuss this option with their Te Kura subject kaiako.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
91404 Demonstrate understanding of accounting concepts for a New Zealand reporting entity 2 4 External
UElwraUE literacy writing and reading achievement standard
SeService Industries recommended standard
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
91405 Demonstrate understanding of accounting for partnerships 2 4 Internal
SeService Industries recommended standard
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
91406 Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparation 2 5 External
SeService Industries recommended standard
91407 Prepare a report for an external user that interprets the annual report of a New Zealand reporting entity 2 5 Internal
91408 Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to inform decision-making 2 4 External
PrPrimary Industries recommended standard
SeService Industries recommended standard
91409 Demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem for an entity 2 4 Internal