MC000 - General Music

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What is Music?

Music is a fundamental form of personal and cultural expression. By making, sharing and responding to music, ākonga have opportunities to nurture their own creative potential as well as lay a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of and participation in music.

What this course involves

This course helps ākonga nurture their enjoyment and understanding of music. It offers opportunities in a wide range of different styles and types of music activities. Those ākonga intending to do music at NCEA levels can develop appropriate skills and knowledge through developing skills in instrumental performance, composition, song writing, basic piano and vocal techniques, elementary notation and the rudiments of music theory and an introduction to dance; as well as developing an understanding of the nature of sound and the elements and features of music, the use of notation and digital composition software, and the connection between the Arts.

Ākonga are strongly encouraged to have their own instrument (voice is an instrument) and have access to a music mentor and instrumental lessons within their own community.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed.