GR2000 - German - NCEA Level 2 (course endorsement available)

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What is German?

Germany is a country with a long and rich heritage and is the geographic and cultural centre of Europe. The German language is closely related to English and is more similar to it than to any other language. There are 100 million German speakers throughout Europe, from Austria to Switzerland, and it is also a popular language in New Zealand. There are numerous close links between New Zealand and Germany through trade, tourism and exchanges, which makes knowledge of the German language and people an incredibly useful skill across many areas.

What this course involves

Ākonga consolidate and extend their German language skills and further develop their understanding of life in Germany. There is an emphasis on advancing ākonga’s ability to communicate verbally and through writing, and ākonga extensively build on their vocabulary and grammar.

Topics explored are theme based and focus on everyday situations, including aspects relating to social and school life and looking at the environment, youth and future careers. Social and economic relationships between New Zealand and Germany are discussed alongside a broader investigation into cultural issues where ākonga learn about Berlin, Germany’s multi-cultural population and other German-speaking nations.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

NCEA Level 1 German or equivalent.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
91123 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken German texts on familiar matters 3 5 External
SeService Industries recommended standard
91124 Interact using spoken German to share information and justify ideas and opinions in different situations 2 5 Internal
SSeService Industries sector-related standard
SoSocial and Community Services recommended standard
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
91125 Give a spoken presentation in German that communicates information, ideas and opinions 2 4 Internal
91126 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and/or visual German text(s) on familiar matters 3 5 External
SSeService Industries sector-related standard
91127 Write a variety of text types in German to convey information, ideas, and opinions in genuine contexts 2 5 Internal