HP000 - Health and Physical Education

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What is Health Education?

In Health Education ākonga consider the influences on their wellbeing, attitudes and values, and work towards promoting the health of their community. Ākonga can participate in a range of tasks, including considering ways to keep themselves safe in different situations and learning effective methods to communicate to help develop healthy relationships. Issues related to ethics and health philosophies are explored, which develops critical thinking skills in ākonga. Health Education can be studied at tertiary levels as a science or humanities subject. It leads to a wide variety of careers in social, community and health sectors.

What this course involves

In this course ākonga explore health issues (such as wellbeing, nutrition, communication, decision making and problem solving) and safety issues (such as drug use and understanding gender and sexuality). Ākonga also study physical education topics such as understanding the body, fitness testing, participating in a variety of activities and being involved in training programmes.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed.