AR1000 - Visual Arts - NCEA Level 1 (course endorsement available)

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What is Art?

Visual arts is a subject that allows ākonga to express and develop their creativity, while developing their knowledge and skills. Ākonga create their own artworks while learning about the work of other artists and the cultural and social contexts that these artworks reflect. Ākonga can study visual arts to gain qualifications or to explore their interest in art.

What this course involves

This is the first of the NCEA art courses. It enables ākonga to develop ideas and creative approaches to making artworks in a range of fields. Ākonga’ work is informed by their research of New Zealand artists from Māori, Polynesian and European traditions. Ākonga can work towards an individual standard or multiple standards including developing a body of work for the external folio standard.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

Curriculum Levels 4–5 Art or equivalent.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
90913 Demonstrate understanding of art works from a Māori and another cultural context using art terminology 4 4 Internal
laLiteracy achievement standard
SeService Industries recommended standard
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
90914 Use drawing methods and skills for recording information using wet and dry media 3 4 Internal
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
90915 Use drawing conventions to develop work in more than one field of practice 2 6 Internal
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
90916 Produce a body of work informed by established practice, which develops ideas, using a range of media 3 12 External
CrCreative Industries recommended standard
90917 Produce a finished work that demonstrates skills appropriate to cultural conventions 3 4 Internal
CrCreative Industries recommended standard