PW1003 - Skills for the workplace - NCEA Level 1

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What is Pathways Education?

Pathways Education provides learning opportunities to develop the foundation skills required to move successfully between school and work, be prepared for further education and move into paid employment or work in the voluntary sector.

What this course involves

Pathways Education helps ākonga develop the skills and knowledge for the workplace. Please note this course is easier for ākonga who have or have had a work placement. This can be voluntary work, a part-time job, work experience or a Gateway placement.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

Ākonga should have a reasonable level of literacy.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
64 Perform calculations for a specified workplace 9 2 Internal
SeService Industries recommended standard
542 Recognise discrimination and describe ways of responding 7 3 Internal
1293 Be interviewed in an informal, one-to-one, face-to-face interview 7 2 Internal
3483 Fill in a form 7 2 Internal
3503 Participate and communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task 6 2 Internal
24697 Perform income-related calculations for personal financial capability 3 2 Internal
30909 Describe how employee behaviours and/or attitudes contribute to positive workplace relationships & performance 1 2 Internal