Additional support for supervisors

Literacy and computers

Supervisors often want to provide ākonga with the best support they can but sometimes feel they would benefit from extra tuition themselves. Literacy Aotearoa offer programmes in topics such as literacy, computers and communication that may be of interest to some supervisors.

Te Reo

Te Kura offers free online Te Reo courses.

Enrol online by selecting one of the courses with the code MA. The beginner’s course is MA000 and more advanced options progress up the levels MA1000, MA2000 and MA3000.

Additional links also support the teaching and learning of Te Reo including

Māori Language Commission – The Commission’s ‘Learning Māori’ section is an excellent resource for learning Māori pronunciation, language learning resources, learning about Tikanga Māori and more.

Māori Dictionary – a comprehensive online Māori/English dictionary, which also includes encyclopedic entries, colloquial expressions and explanations of key concepts central to Māori culture.

Ngata Dictionary – illustrates the use of Māori and English headwords in sentences and phrases drawn from a wide range of contemporary and traditional contexts. Explains usage of words as well as meaning.

Te Kete Ipurangi – includes resources aligned to te reo Māori curriculum guidelines, other resources to support Māori language learning and resources about tikanga and kaupapa Māori.

Waiata for Pre-schoolers – learn the words to easy-to-sing children’s songs in Māori.

Māori language resources.

The Te Reo Māori classroom.

Teacher tools.