Working with Kaimanaaki and Kaiako

Every fulltime ākonga is assigned a kaimanaaki and, if working at NCEA levels, they will also be assigned subject kaiako (teachers). Kaimanaaki are the 'go to' support person. Kaimanaaki help ākonga to get started including introducing them to Te Kura programmes in My Te Kura, My Korowai and Huinga Ako (all explained further in this Supervisor section).

Ākonga communicate with their kaimanaaki and kaiako via email, text, phone call, online and face to face at huinga ako. We encourage supervisors to communicate with kaimanaaki and kaiako to help build the essential relationships that underpin learning.

When to make contact

Contact with kaimanaaki and kaiako is encouraged regularly and particularly if ākonga:

Advising change of address or phone number

Having correct contact information is essential when working with kaimanaaki and kaiako. To advise a change of address or phone number, contact your kaimanaaki with Te Kura ID number and new details. Alternatively, phone or email Student and Whānau Support 0800 65 99 88 or