Establishing routines

Doing schoolwork should be part of your student’s everyday life. Below are a few tips for keeping them on track.

Encourage good study habits

Ensure your student has the materials they need and plan a daily routine with them. This will help them form good study habits.

Find out what works best for your student

You already know or will get to know your student well. You may need to trial different ways of timetabling work to find the best approach for them.

Some students are better at staying on one topic for a long period of time while others need to have regular breaks or change topics more often. Talk with your student's learning advisor or teacher if you need help setting up a timetable for your student.

Help your student stay organised

You can help your student to keep track of their schoolwork by:

Consider blocking selected websites during study hours

Learning online gives your student access to a huge amount of information and resources that will help them with their studies, but we appreciate that it can sometimes be hard to keep them focused on school work while they’re online. There are free tools available to block distracting websites for any length of time you specify.