Online Learning

We’ve called our online learning environment My Te Kura. The secure online space allows our students to access their learning resources and connect with their teachers and other students. Learning resources may include other online education providers who we may provide a student’s name, identification number, and email address to facilitate access – see Terms and Conditions for more information. Online learning uses a mix of online and offline activities. Te Kura students are asked to explore their world, not just sit in front of a screen.

The music video ‘Echoes of the Sun’, which was created through online collaboration in My Te Kura between more than 50 students, demonstrates the effectiveness of online learning.

The majority of Te Kura’s courses are delivered online. Learning online allows students to:

What you'll need

See our checklist of recommended equipment to work out what is needed to learn effectively online.

My Te Kura showcase

Take a look at a sample of our online courses to see how students learn in My Te Kura.


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